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ONG - Non-governmental organization


Chemical dependence is an evil that plagues the whole world, affecting people of all classes, ages, races and genders. As a result, it has been one of the main public health problems in the world for many years.

Who we are?

The NGO Just Christ was born in Brazil, and was later placed in Mexico, with a single objective: to help drug addicts and all those around them, such as family and friends.

During our services, we extend support to the family, so that they can also feel welcomed and an important part of the process of rescuing the person who is experiencing addiction. In addition, we consider it essential that the family can also recover from the issues involved.

Today, we have our main base in Brazil, with headquarters in Ciudad Juares and Culiacán in Mexico. Thus, we have already assisted countless chemical dependents during all the years of operation.

How do we act?

In our project, we work with an innovative methodology, starting with a work of understanding each case. We understand that, despite going through the same issue, each person has a different way of reacting to situations caused by addiction.

With that, it is not possible to place all people to be treated in the same way, since there are important particularities that need to be considered. So, first, we try to understand the individual needs of the person.

Armed with specific information, it is possible to proceed with the process, with specialized technical knowledge, already directed to the issues raised above. In specialized service, we have:

Targeted psychology services

Direction for careers in sport

Direction for artistic careers

Spiritual support throughout the process

Actions taken

To put the aforementioned items into practice, we work on several different fronts, so that it is possible to reach all tastes. Therefore, the main fronts of action are:


We direct actions towards sports practice, capable of bringing benefits to health and helping to release hormones that bring good sensations.


Cinemas, concerts, theater, among others.

Family support

We help with support for mental health, legal guidance, among others.


Paintings, sculptures, handicrafts, seeking to present new qualifications and possibilities for leisure activities.

Rehab center

We work with several partner centers of the NGO, facilitating the process of finding an institution and the adaptation in the places.

Awareness Lectures

Training, Training, Lectures and Events for awareness.

How to start?

If you want to start treatment against chemical dependency, contact us, we act in a complete way to bring you the best treatment possibilities. Through conversations, we can define the best paths, forward them to the right professionals and get better results.

To find out more about the activities carried out, the actions carried out and the main characteristics of our NGO, just contact us and one of our collaborators will respond as soon as possible.

Likewise, if you want to join our team, just talk to us, we can discuss the possibilities and, who knows, you might also help us to continue doing good!